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so ... everyone's LJ hasn't been updated in like a year.
all the good communities are vacant.
I think Myspace won.

I might kill this thing and just talk smack on the FMP boards with hordesofnilbog.


Current Music: fucking ducks.

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I am the worst father ever. I can't believe I didn't bring them with me. I keep seeing cats at the park ... and I am a sad panda ...

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the Saints are getting beat down. 80% of our hotel is wasted and I think whether the stupid team wins or loses, they will use it as an excuse to drink more.

most of the crew ppl are sitting around, drunk on wine, and talking about Nietzsche and Heidegger. My fellow inner circle krewf0lk - Black Metal Cris, FagKris, Andi, Jenni, Shaun, Girl Power - and I went to the park again. BM Cris almost got into a fight with this black guy who has been hanging out by the park and handing out little pieces of paper that say : "I have been arrested at the library 3 times for no reason" and have an email address beneath that. WTF! Cyberbumming?!?!?!?! this would have been the 4th fight our inner circle has casued since we all arrived in New Orleans. I hate this fucking town. I'm glad their fag team is getting assraped by the other fags. anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyway ... the park was totally vacant ... except for .... pothead dude from last night's post. lol. he was strolling around the track, smoking a cigarette. perhaps he brought his own damn lighter. We considered starting shit with him, but then I reminded myself that he knows people that I sort of used to not hate ... and we had other, pressing, concerns anyway ...

after park = flat tire on my right passenger side!!!!!!!! FOR THE FOURTH TIME IN NEW ORLEANS IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so ... there goes 50-100 bucks on bullshit.

sorry for screaming/sailorcussing. been drinking.

Most importantly, though .... is that my old friend John is coming to stay with me in New york until the end of September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be great. I taught this kid everything he knows. when I was a 14 year old cybermetalhead in a world that had no Hot Topic, no public internet chatrooms, no fat goth chicks outside of L.A. or NYC ... I turned what would have been an otherwise boring tool into ... BLACK >> METAL ^^^ JOHN !!!!!!!!


We're gonna visit some friends in NYC ... and we have some guy business to attend to with Boston Mark.

coolest news ever.

... drink to that and never forget where you come from ... cause there's no such thing as a one-way ticket to Hell ...

Current Music: whining, kicking, piggyball fans

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Shooting ends next week, and I should be at my new place the next day. I can't wait. I hate New Orleans SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I'll probably end up missing all the crew pplz someday, I guess; we are all so srsbznz & focused on our own stuff (read: shiny, elitist pricks) that there was never any "OH MUH GOD LETS LEIK BE FRIENDS FOREVER" going on ... not to say we didn't bond together like little gayfags daily - and usually nightly for most ppl ; > Accordingly, we'll probably all get wasted and trash the hotel this weekend ... and probably get kicked out and have to live in the park for a few days ... feh.

It will totally suck to have to pay people to pose for photos now.

Anyway, I really just want to get to New York and out of this fucking heat.

I have a secret about 1.) a badass camera 2.) some unexpected weirdness following me from Tampa 3.) several aspects of my physical appearance

but ... all in due time, little internet friends whom I may or may not know ... all in due time ...
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If you have ever been to New Orleans' Audubon Park shortly before sundown, you have seen the most trippy-psych sky that is slowly washed over by a very vacant darkness ... trees become hands of the risen dead, hills are uncovered as ancient burial mounds, the lakes stand still like black mirrors reflecting the nothingness that shapes us all, and every inert park object becomes a possible threat ....... so, if you ever have the chance to listen to SATYRICON'S "Blessed From Below (Melancholy Oppression Longing)" in that wicked place .... by all means, fucking do so! It wasn't particularly well-suited for jogging this evening when it came on my shuffle list .... but if we end up smoking this weekend, I'm taking everyone to Audubon with my speakers and playing that song really, really loudly.
Similarly, the next time I have sex - which reallllllllllllllllly needs to be sooooooooooon - that song will be played ... maybe I'll put on a strobe light, too : p

... so warm and glorious ... embraced in a dark mass ...

Also at the park tonight ... this guy who somewhat hung out with someone I knew from school in New Orleans was walking around Audubon, stoned as fuk, asking ( I will add here that I smoke every once in awhile ... especially since I've been working with a lot of "creative" people recently ... but I can't imagine being SO high on something so mentally unharmful that you become a retard without having first been a tad retarded anyway ) people on a track filled with cyclists and joggers if they have a light for his cigarette ....... good .... fucking ..... luck ... dude!
I probably shouldn't laugh, though: maybe he was on pain meds. lol.

Current Music: ah cama-sotz - hungrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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sexuh new macbook + shooting @ audubon park today + free Tulane wireless = might as well update ...

... arrived in New Orleans. we have bad ass rooms at the Ambassador Hotel. Pictures up whenever my little, old camera stops eating batteries. sneaked away to see bartender friend for about 10 minutes: boring and lifeless place. went back to hotel & then out to drunky-ness.

... touring people around Nola. sneaked away to visit another bartender friend @ dinner. laughed at the closed-in life people lead in the French Quarter, was glad it's not me. went back to hotel & then out to bier-barz. ran into a guy i used to work with at a tattoo studio 7 years ago; looks exactly the same. odd.

... went to dentist to fix a chip in my tooth. apparently, i also had acute temporomandibular joint disorder in my jaw that didn't even hurt until the guy fixed it. wtf? ... but the best part is ... the 4 days worth of pain killers he gave me ... So, that day i went on a loopy shopping spree at the mall near his office, bought previously referred to MacBook and stuff, and felt ridiculously good all day. That night, however, i apparently thought the medicine label's warnings did not apply to very happy people in severely good moods and decided to drink anyway. genius? maybe. Fortunately, i don't remember much after screaming at a jukebox for not having any black metal.

Sunday through Tuesday
... kind of blurry. mostly, i spent these days responding to the slew of ROTFL voicemails and txt messages. it appears i spent Saturday night on the phone with everyone in the world, including ex-boyfriends of girls i had just met, and the funniest calls -i'm told - were those featuring me talking about aliens, mothman, bigfoot, and bat boy (i had learned a few nights before that Weekly World News was stopping production) as if they were real - oh, the delirious ridiculosity we weave.
... the best part isn't so much the events i don't remember at all, but the next three days that i was still on pain meds, but after being LOLed at on the phone all day Sunday, I was trying so hard to not appear on pain meds, that I was just as dopey (remember kids, drugs might make you feel all in control and normal ... but to everyone else you are tomorrow's lolercaust) ... my favorite part is that we had a new photographer yesterday who wasn't with us in Tampa. He made us all turn off our cell phones because he has a hearing aid ... and I thought that would be the proper time to insult deaf people around a guy who can mechanically hear a bird shitting 100 yards away. luckily, no one liked him and he was only there for one day. bastard.
.. i talked to my friend Boston Mark on Tuesday. I thought the last time I had talked to him was the night before - I even remembered the conversation - but it was the prior Thursday when I had talked to him ... and that is pretty much how Saturday through Tuesday evening felt - vacant and vanished. As Boston Mark described pain med feelings: like I had a head full of air and was a spectator to life.

After sleeping away the pain pills for over 15 hours, i awoke to an email saying my FAFSA correction had been processed. the fuk? It turns out that the idiot fat black bitch from Tulane's Financial Aid Dept. confused my file with someone else's and changed my info to say i make 28,000 a year ... which would explain why i didn't receive a refund this semester. douche! so, i am going to go get into a fight with her on my lunch break and if she gets things straightened out, I'll have another 2,000 dollars. sweet.
... I am excited about this evening. Now being un-doped I can go jogging. we haven't gone since we got to Nola. the people i work with said the sidewalks here were too crooked and they would get hurt ... i guess they didn't notice the million joggers pacing down the neutral ground ?!?!?!
so, i'm taking them to the Audubon track tonight, where I am looking forward to paining myself to the new Satyricon MP3s I just put on my iPod.

in other news ...

* no one is on LJ anymore. lame.
* i will never ever ever ever ever live in new orleans again. evar!
* x-posted like everywhere: CASTLEGIRL's (that would be the dark-haired Castlegirl from Florida, not the million other Castlegirls on the internet. lol.) cell phone is STILL in my car. the battery is STILL dead. so, if you see her when she gets back from Paris, tell her .. also tell her to get a fucking Myspace or LJ or something. jesus!
*Newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yorrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk soooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Music: satyricon - black lava

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I'll be in Nola for a few weeks, then moving to New York. I'll reset this thing and maybe start using it again. I noticed all but 3 ppl have del'd me. lol. fucking man of a thousand blogs.
In the meantime, there is always myspace.

Keep it sexy.

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